Category: 4. Fitness

  • Test

  • V Ups

    Instruction Start by sitting down on a mat with your hands by your hips. Lift your legs creating a V with your upper body and thighs. Extend your legs and upper body as flat as possible and then contract your core to bring everything back in as tight as possible.

  • Toe Touches

    Instruction Lie down on your back and bring your legs straight up so that they point to the ceiling. Hold this position and then reach for your feet with your hands by contracting your core.

  • Tabletop Cross Body Touches

    Instruction Start by sitting on the floor and then lift your body by extending your arms and legs. Keep everything tight and balanced while you reach up to touch your opposite foot. Slowly lower back into starting position and repeat on the opposite side.

  • Sumo Squat Pulses

    Instruction Start with feet wider than shoulder-width and rotate your toes out so that they face outwards. Lower yourself down until your thighs are parallel to the floor and perform small pulses.

  • Leg Extensions

  • Kick Throughs

    Instruction Start on all fours with shoulders above your wrists and hips above your knees. Keeping your core tight, lift your knees above the ground. Shift your weight to one arm only, while opening your body up to one side. The arm that is off the floor will come in to create a 90-degree angleat…

  • Jump Squats

    Instruction Squat down by hinging the hips back while allowing the knees to bend forward, keeping the back straight and knees pointed in the same direction as your feet. Descend until thighs are parallel to the ground then jump up landing softly.

  • Jump Lunges

    Perform a lunge and then jump in and out of the squat going from a very narrow stance to a wide one. Keep the core tight and your upper body upright the entire time.

  • Dead Bugs

    Lie down on your back and bring your legs up with your knees at a 90-degree angle. Extend your arms so your fingertips are pointing directly at the ceiling. Slowly extend the opposite leg and arm until they reach the floor and back. Repeat on the opposite side.