Stretching Step 9


  1. Down with your hands into a downward dog position again and hold it walk back a little bit if you can keep your feet on the ground and feel the stretch
  2. Now walk to the front and sit down now we’re gonna put our feet together and we’re gonna try pushing our knees to the floor and hold it from this position we’re gonna put one hand on the floor and with the other one we’re reaching to one side stretching our legs if your body allows you you can put your underarm on the floor and stretch to one side as much as you can
  3. It’s up to you if you stay on your hand or on your lower arm try to keep your butt cheeks on the floor all the time you should not fall to one side and hold it now come to the middle again and lean to the other side and keep your butt cheeks on the floor and make a long back you should feel the stretch right here stay on your butt cheeks all right please slowly now come to the middle again

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