Warrior 3 Eagle


  1. Inhale sweep your right leg up to the sky
  2. Exhale step your right foot in between your hands in runner’s lunge
  3. Inhale sweep your arms forward and up into high lunge
  4. Exhale relax into the pose
  5. Inhale stretch your arms out to the sides
  6. Exhale cross your right arm over the left bend your elbows wrap your forearms and try to bring your palms together
  7. Inhale arch your spine back
  8. Exhale relax into the pose
  9. Take a deep breath in
  10. Exhale lift up onto your right foot and transition into warrior three
  11. Take a deep breath in
  12. Exhale unwrap your arms bring your hands to the mat and step back to downward dog for the other side

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